SlideShare- Content Marketing For Travel Industry

YouTube Video- Content Marketing For Travel Industry

Content marketing is all about creating, publishing and distributing original, valuable and interactive content for your audience and attracting new leads. The most common forms of content marketing are blogs, articles reviews, infographics and videos etc.

The reason why content marketing is because it is all changed how we do business. The old fashion way is not effective, too expensive and besides not scalable. Content marketing is more reliable with less cost which leads to more loyal customers. When content marketing is used efficiently, that will not only promote the sales and increase the traffic to your website, it will also educate your targeted audiences and generate awareness of your brand.

To present compelling content, you need to get content strategies right. It is essential to know your audiences well so you can reach them with the right content format and topics. It is also crucial to know the purposes of the content and the right time to produce, release, review and every often refresh it.   Plus using a suitable platform and costs must be considered.

Here are 3 great examples of how to use content marketing at travel industry:


screen (2)


This giant travel company has 300 million visitors every month. User generated reviews create more traffic than content curators developing content for the website. According to researchers, 70% of global consumers say online consumer reviews are one of the most trusted forms of advertising.  On this site, user content is encouraged and it is known with so many useful posts and reviews from real travellers. Having using generated content as the main contributor rise the number of people using the site. The strategy of user-generated content is a credible form of content and also self-sustaining,  less work and cost from TripAdvisor.

2- TUI

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.50.26 Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.53.37

Tui has a special blog page just to deal with travellers’ different possible struggles and tips about how to make their journey more fun and easier such as ‘how to travel with young kids’, ‘how to cruise with kids’. This is a great way to generate empathy among the similar customers and ease their anxiety. By understanding their primary travel-led concerns and motivate Tui helps their customers with the contents addressing these problems.


By publishing a series of videos of different cities on their YouTube channel, Turkish Airlines is another company good at content marketing. These well-made videos feature whole city guides, show the must-see places in 2 minutes. This video is vivid, attractive and inspiring, also it is very clever of them not making it sale oriented. It is just a simple, powerful video which makes you want to pack up and go to that city. Their name is only mentioned at the end of the video for call-to-action. They utilise the data-driven insight and give their key commercial message in a useful, original and valuable content to inform their customers. 93% of travellers watch videos online when searching. This particular video viewed over 7 million, it takes the customers further than the written words. You can see this video at the link below:

The last crucial stage for businesses to measure how successful your content strategies are. You need to observe the impacts on customers and how engaged they are with it.

“Have the capability to measure everything and then don’t. You’ve got to create a great atmosphere of measuring what’s right, rather than measuring what you can.” (Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute)


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